Key West, Florida
Cuban Artists
The-Merger, formed in 2009 is an artistic enterprise, a tactical union between three creators, Alain Pino, a graduate of the Superior Institute of Art of Havana, with a prolific work excelled by the installation and photographic language; Mario Miguel González (Mayito), cultural activist and self-taught creator and Niels Moleiro, self-taught photographer and painter with extensive experience in the field of economy of art. It is from this union that a common resource of creativity has been triggered. Greatly influenced by the present economic, social and political condition in Cuba, The Merger has culminated into a unified vision, an equation to their circumstance.
They were quoted as saying:
Starting with a bright color finish, and the use of the object magnified, chosen sometimes for its value as a cultural icon as in the case of the Swiss pocket knife, the stiletto, or the car tire, our proposal is very close to the Pop art, but we are also very interested in highlighting social and cultural issues. We often just play cynically with the most basic tools (). It is a game with the idea of the popular concept (). The social topic is expressed through the popular icons re-elaborated and adapted to new circumstances.
We intervene and manipulate the object to the point of subverting its original function, by mixing it with two or more other objects aiming to enhance its symbolic and anecdotic capacity. We believe that every object has a hidden story in its design as well as in its cultural and historical acquired meaning, and its recycling process in the art field. It is for that reason that any change or manipulation of the object can activate or deactivate its new meanings. So, we are not so much interested in what it is said', but in how to say it, and try that the new re-assembled appliance structure new meanings.

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Caracol (Snail) Stainless Steel Sculpture 51" x 23" x 27"
Abel Barroso, Perpetual Money Spending Tourist, Cedar & Lithography
Working for Freedom, Stainless Steel Sculpture, 51 x 14 x 5
The Contortionist, Stainless Steel & Quartz Sculpture, 20 x 28 x 5
Kcho, Infinity, Bronze, 26 x 23 x 11
Mabel Problet, 39 x 63